My Wife Introduced Her To Me As A Cousin. I Later Found Out They Were Doing All These Behind Me.


My wife and I have been married for a few years and with one child. She works as a teller at Barclays bank branch in the city and am also an electrical engineer with my own shop. I realized my wife started changing when I saw her wear a ring on her baby finger in addition to the wedding ring I gave to her during our wedding day. She has even begun to wear ankle bracelets as well. I assumed it was just fashion , so l didn't bother to inquire as to why she had changed her dressing so drastically.

We wanted to hire house help at some stage. We needed one because things were getting out of hand in the house due to our hectic weekday schedules. My wife came up with the idea, so I gave her the freedom to look for a compatible housemaid.

She brought this lovely lady into the house as the new housemaid a few weeks later. Cassandra, her village cousin, was how she introduced her to me. I was a little doubtful because I had never heard of her name before. What could I have done differently?

I cordially welcomed her to stay with us. She did an excellent job of demonstrating to me that she was a hardworking lady during her first week. I even complimented her on it. After some few weeks my wife began to pay her more attention than she did for me, but I was unconcerned because l assumed she was just being courteous.

It was becoming more urgent, and I needed to take action. It got to the point where my wife wouldn't let see her during the night. Initially I thought it was tiredness from work but it continued for a long time. I couldn't bear it and I also started suspecting her of seeing someone else.

I left for work really early on May 5, 2018. I left my toolbox at home due to the rush hour. l returned to get it because I couldn't work without it. Upon my return at home, I saw something that made me scream the loudest I'd ever did. My wife and the housemaid were preoccupied with the tasks that should have been done by a husband and a wife. They were making out together at the hall because they thought I would never come home at that hour.

I realized why she wouldn't let me see her and why she wore ankle bracelets and a ring on her little finger. My wife was a bisexual. The housemaid was her partner. She brought her to the house just to get close to her.