Bondi Of Maria Citizen TV Show Showered With Praise After He Made This Move

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Brian Wamalwa is popularly known by the name Bondi from the famous local TV show Maria. He was among the lead characters in the show.

The character who was among the antagonists. He disappeared and upon his return, he claimed to have received Christ only to blindfold people in order for him to continue with his archaic character.

When the show ended he persuaded most of the show's fans not to hate him in real life since he was only acting. Today on his instagram account, he shared a photo of himself armed to get into politics. Here is the picture that he posted.

On the caption he said that he was clearing out the rumours by declaring his interest in politics come next year. He asked his fellow youths to accord him their full support.

Netizens reacted to this post as many of them applauded his great move. They assured to support him fully. Check out on their reactions on social media.

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