Main Medical Courses That One Can Pursue


The field of medicine , is a rich source of very good medical courses which are offered in various universities in Kenya.

The courses under this field require hard work, dedication and determination due to the seriousness involved.

Students who choose to pursue courses in medicine, have a great chance and advantage in the job market.

In Kenya and worldwide, doctors, surgeons, nurses and clinical officers are required every year to fill vacancies in both public and private hospitals.

Beat universities which offer courses in the school of medicine include:

- University of Nairobi

- Moi University

- Egerton University

-Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

Scientific and mathematical knowledge is highly required for one to be successful here.

These are some of the grades that are required ; minimum grade of A plain

- A minus in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry

- B plus in English and Kiswahili

The following courses are available in this field:

1. Surgery

In this field you can specialize in cardiology, neurology or other related surgical course.

In order to succeed here, you need to study in a stress free environment, think and provide solutions to health problems.

During working, proper concentration is required, work with mind and hands since the job involves interacting with the fragile and sensitive internal body parts.

English, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology are the main subjects required.

2. Pharmacy

It takes a minimum period of five years of study.

It is one of the best courses picked by students who perform very well in KCSE.

It offers skills in medical administration and scientific techniques concerning drugs research.

When working, one needs to have a clear understanding in medical prescription, dosage, type of drugs necessary for patients and their wellness.

It is a good career that earns you a job opportunity in future.

3. Nursing

It entails taking care of patients , giving them medicine and communicating with the doctor about the patient's state .

Nursing apart from professionalism, requires skills such as patience, good communication skills, compassion and thinking skills.

Such skills help them handle patients well .

Nursing jobs are available in all hospitals.

Universities and Kenya Medical and Technical Training Colleges offer this course.

Those are the three main categories that one can choose to study .

There are other groups like clinical officers, laboratory science, biochemistry and anatomy sciences.