“Checkers Thinks we are all from KZN”| Mzansi reacts after spotting this from Checkers Sale pricing

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One characteristic of people in South Africa is that whenever they see a sign with the word "sale" written in large letters, they immediately assume that the price has been lowered. As a result, they make purchases without first determining the amount of money saved by comparing the original price to the sale price. This is typically the case because we have the misconception that if something is advertised as being on sale, then its price has been decreased. However, this is not always the case. 

However you won’t blame them because products are expensive these days due to the ever rising inflation. People who prefer shopping at checkers and shoprite must be familiar with the Xtra saving card, when making that card at the retailer’s, they will tell you that you will get a discount each time you swipe it, but it’s not always the case as sometimes you might pay additional money on top of what you would have been required to pay in its absence.

Few days back a famous twitter user, called Daniel Marven visited his nearest checkers store and he came across a so-called “Sale” of 2 litre sparletta cold drinks , where you can buy 2 of them for R30 while 1 costs R15.

So, it appears that the sale was just bogus, because R30 is just half of R15 rand , meaning that there was no sale at all because buying 2 is the same as buying one.

However, having encounter such scam, Daniel went to use that opportunity to make jokes about the Zulu people as many of them are deemed to be uneducated and sale-lovers, as he went to say that checkers thinks that everyone is stupid like Zulu people.

“Checkers think we are all from KZN...mxm, says a user on twitter.

Now,this didn’t excite a lot of people from KZN, however many people were saved from Checkers scams as well and they went to thank the guy for bringing them to light about this so-called Sales.

See how people reacted to this tweet below:

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