William Ruto's Big Promise to Machakos Residents

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The Deputy president William Ruto returned to Ukambani to seek support for his 2022 presidential bid.

The Deputy president in Tala assured the residents that he is aware and very much indebted to them in terms of constructing roads. He assured them that he is going to construct about 180km of roads in the area if he happens to take the office as the president in the 2022 elections.

During this occasion, the deputy president made remarks about the Sabuk road awarded to a lazy contractor. He promised to follow up about the contract and make sure that the contactor finishes the road in time. However, he said that if the contractor is unable to complete the road in the expected time, he himself will award the contact to a different contractor.

The deputy president also talked about the 5 Techical colleges that his government, as the deputy president, has built in Ukambani. He promised to make sure that the remaining 2 constituencies will have their colleges built if he resumes office as the next president.

The deputy president also talked about electricity, job creation and agro processing.

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