Inappropriate layout of a fuel station spotted at Teshie.


Photos of an improper layout of a fuel station situated at Teshie Penny in Accra leaks on social media and many Ghanaians have been left in shock if the authorities have “been sleeping on their jobs”.

As to many Ghanaians, setting up a fuel station must be supervised and inspected by authorities like the National Petroleum Authority(NPA), The Ghana National Fire Service(GNFS), The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and the Town and Country Planning Department.

Importantly per the observations of many Ghanaians, a verified and well structured fuel station must have canopy over the pump stand, a forecourt paved with concrete or mortar, facility with caution labeling such as an emergency Information panel provided at the filling point, as well as an emergency assemble points, warning signs such as : "WARNING, NO SMOKING, NO NAKED LIGHTS, STOP ENGINE 

Additionally, there should be an approved types of fire extinguishers and should be provided at the individual dispensing units and protected from the weather.

This has really caused fear and has come to remind some Ghanaians dozens who were killed trying to escape downpour when flood water swept stored oil towards a fire nearby in Kwame Nkrumah circle in Accra leading to petrol station explosion some years back.

By Evangel Kelvin Ainoo.