Chelsea Star Secures Win for Home Team With a Late Penalty Kick


In what may have gone down as the greatest game ever in the rivalry history between the United States of America vs The Mexico,the USA men's national team managed a 3-2 over their arch rivals.

With the Americans coming from behind twice in the tie and winning it late in the second half of the extra time with the late Chelsea star , American born, Christian Pulisic won it for thier side through a well placed penalty kick

The Juventus star Mckennie too stood out for the win being involved in both the goals combining well with the chelsea star.The game started on a high note with very confusing first 90 minutes.

After the penalty score,the young Americans were able go hold on to that score overcome adversity and see Hovarth write his name in the US soccer history with an outstanding performance making several saves to secure their first trophy and build momentum for entering the next month's Gold cupcakes