"We Will Have To Play Like A Family" says Thomas Tuchel

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Chelsea club's head coach Thomas Tuchel has today deliver his verdict what he will do to ensure Chelsea win the titles this summer. Chelsea are currently leading in the premier league table competition with twenty six points followed by Manchester City with twenty two points.

According to the England Sky Sports News today morning, Tuchel has revealed what they will do to ensure that they remain active in every competition. Tuchel claimed that they will fight for their win wholeheartedly in every single game. He also says that they have to play like a family to achieve successfull wins consistently.

"We will have to play as a family if we are to win more titles. I'm confident of our squad they are always amazing in every single game" says Thomas Tuchel according to the England Sky Sports News today morning.

Recently Tuchel revealed his tricks on how he to convert Chelsea to be a big team currently. He claimed that defensive role is the responsibility of every player as this will stops their opponents from controlling the possession therefore minimizing their chances of scoring. This season, Chelsea have conceded less goals compared to other premier league teams.

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