How to manage genital warts during pregnancy

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Genital warts are sexually transmitted infections that usually manifest as fleshy growths in the tissues of both men's and women's genitals.

It is normal for genital warts to occur during pregnancy. This is primarily due to a dormant strain of HPV that is forming as a result of a weaker immune system and hormonal imbalances. When you notice these warts, it's critical to get diagnosed as soon as possible so that doctors can determine what type of HPV you have and whether it has to be treated or if it poses a risk to you or your baby.

Here are things to avoid if you have genital warts

1 Do not attempt to remove these warts.

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2 Avoid the use of topical-based steroid creams.

3 Do not apply ice compress on warts.

4 To treat these warts, don't take over-the-counter medications without first consulting your doctor.

How to treat genital warts during pregnancy

It is important to note that genital warts caused by the HPV virus are incurable, however, they are ways in which they can be managed and they include;

1 Topical cream

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These creams help in clearing warts. However, you should consult your doctor before selecting these creams because some of these creams contain steroids which could complicate your pregnancy. 

2 Freezing the warts

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This is when liquid nitrogen is used to freeze warts before removing them. This is only a last resort and should only be attempted with the presence and approval of a medical practitioner.

3 Surgery

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This is an extreme option that doctors only prescribe if warts appear to be having effects on your pregnancy. It should only be done by a medical practitioner.

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