Chuka University Girl Dies After Jumping From Seventh Floor Building


A student at Chuka University took her own life when she jumped from the seventh floor of the institution building on Sunday evening June 27.The lady was reported to have committed suiced after an altercation with an alleged boyfriend.

Eyewitness claimed that the girl who was reportedly expectant accused the school mate infidelity, Emergency service provider who were called to the scene rushed her to a newly hospital after administering first aid on her.However she was reported dead on arrival to the hospital,The institution and Police were get to release a statement on the matter.

The offices,nontheless commenced investigations with the eyewitnesses summoned to record statements

In June 2021 the ministry of Health raised an alarm on the rising number of suiced cases while launching the Kenya Mental Health action plan (2021-2025) the CAS pointed out mental health remains an intergral pillar in Country's health system and social economic development.

The Police Officers are still investigating the matter of what really happened.