5 Superpowers Human Beings have but they are not Aware of

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We can get stronger just by thinking about it

Brian Clark a professor from Ohio State University carried out a study that linked our nervous system with muscle power. In the study, he involved a couple of participants who were to wear a wrist fixator for 4 weeks.

One group of participant was to perform eleven minute mental exercise for five days a week, it involved imagining themselves tensing their muscles without any physical movement and the other group was to lead a normal life.

After the wrist fixator were removed, it was revealed that people who imagined themselves tensing their muscles were twice as strong as those who just led a normal life

We see things we have no clue about

The upper photo is the way we see the world and the lower photo is the way we see it after almost all the reflected light has been blocked by Polaroid sunglasses.

What you don’t know is that the human eye can sense the polarization of light; it starts working in certain situations like when looking at the sky, computer screen or reflection from a glass of water.

To demonstrate this clearly, just look at the white space on your phone or computer screen and tilt you head right and left severally.

We can change our body temperature

This might sound normal until you come to think about it deeply; it is recommended to practice with an experienced Lama as there is a risk to die from hypothermia.

A professor from Harvard university called Herbert Benson found out that 3 practitioners exhibited the ability to increase there temperature on their fingers and toes by as much as 8.3 degrees centigrade 

We distinguish more flavors than we think

Most people in the world know about the four popular or basic tastes; sweet, sour, bitter and salty. However, back in 1980 a group of scientists discovered another 5th taste called umami which is mostly associated with meat, fish and meat or fish broths. Scientists still keeps one searching for new receptors

Rules for identifying tastes 

The taste of food is best identified when the food’s temperature is equals to the temperature of the mouth, sweetness and saltiness addiction come faster than the addiction to other tastes, so if we consume too much sugar and salt we will later stop identifying these tastes and finally, bitterness addictions overcomes the perceptions of sour and salty foods.

Prolong your life by smiling

We all have heard that if you laugh or smile you prolong your life, you can say that there is no reason to be happy but that’s not true. There is a connection between a smile and mood: even if you are forced to smile, you will start feeling better with time.

There are few benefits of smiling; a smile makes a person look more attractive, it can influence other people, it can change your moods and it is contagious, so we can loose control over our facial muscles and smile back to other people

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