END- TIME- A Congregation Captured Worshipping A Crucified Goat In A Church

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Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the sole founder of Christianity as a religion. In any case, some churches promote doctrines that contradict Jesus' teachings, which has caused a lot of controversy among Christians. A few godly men show numerous ideas that are not held back in the Bible, yet they actually guarantee to worship God through Jesus Christ.

A gathering has been captured bowing and worshipping a killed goat. Watching the video intently, you can see that the intestines of the goat were eliminated after it was killed and they have extended the legs and hands, exactly as it was done to Jesus Christ almost 2000 years prior. The hands and the legs of the goat were nailed to the cross similarly as it was done to Jesus Christ.

The individuals in the church theater were seen bowing toward this dead goat and saying a prayer to it. Behind the scenes of the video, a godly man was heard supplicating genuinely for these church individuals.

A portion of these church individuals was in any event, crying in their prayers at a certain point. Some Ghanaians in the wake of running over this video said that Christianity is the most confusing religion among every one of the religions.

They guaranteed that since Christianity doesn' t have a specific principle that all churches follow, a few self- acclaimed righteous men shame the religion for the sake of God. Others said that this is simply crazy since they have never gone over such a church.

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