Kenyans Reacts to Uhuru's Covid-19 Protocols Alleged to be Unconstitutional

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President Uhuru Kenyatta, on 4th November, during the 13th State of the Nation address, extended earlier protocols set to contain the spread of the corona virus.

This comes a few days after the Ministry of Health announced that Kenya is expecting a second wave of the corona virus. Due to the upsurge, Uhuru suspended all political rallies with immediate effect.

On top of this, he has ordered for the extension of curfews, no one should be served without a mask. He advised governors to put on the spotlight counties that are currently acting as the epicentres of this virus and impose partial travel restrictions and lock downs.

Some of the measures instructed by the President above has elicited mixed reactions among political activists with Patrick Gathara rocking his tweeter feeds to question on the eligibility of these measures.

Rocking his tweeter feeds, Gathara had this to share, "Question: Can the President unilaterally declare a curfew and keep extending it indefinitely without Parliament's approval? Can he indefinitely suspend rights to assembly without Parliament's approval? Can he impose an indefinite state of emergency without Parliament's approval?"

See Kenyans' reactions through the comments from their tweeter feeds below.

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