The Table Have Turned. Agradaa Wins The Battle?


Many Ghanaians turned on their Facebook notifications not for any other reason than to wait for the time Rev. Obofour will make a Facebook live video.

It was so because many was anxious over the kind of reply he will give to Nana Agradaa when ever he comes online.

This afternoon Agradaa made a live video on Facebook whe she alleged that Rev. Obofour is into many activities which is evil but because he is a pastor people don't see it.

She also alleged that if truly Obofour is a man of God, he should pray so that his God strikes her dead.

Since most Ghanaians were waiting for the reply from Obofour, even though they were expecting a lot from him but Obofour have shocked a lot with a video which he was seen making fun of Agradaa and showing his cars, sweeming pool and other properties.

This have kept many Ghanaians wondering as to why he couldn't defend himself of attack the priestess. And now the big question is that is he afraid of some of the threats from Agradaa that if he don't shut up she will expose him?

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