HIV: Reasons Why You Should Try to Prevent it


Photo: Immune cells attacking blood cells

HIV have been a major health problem since it was first diagnosed in the early 80s and 90s. It has killed millions of people and continues to kill tens of millions annual as it infects hundreds of millions too. Both the developed and developing countries are not spared.

HIV is caused by two virus belonging to the retrovirus family and that is the HIV-1 and 2 viruses.

The main function of this virus is to fight the immune system and weaken it to a point that the body cannot defend itself against other diseases.

People don't usually die from AIDs itself, but as a result of complications that arise with it due to the completely weakened immune system.

This people are likely to acquire tuberculosis, an equally fatal disease affecting the lung parenchyma, those with HIV during the later stages are more predisposed to a certain type of cancer called Kaposi Sarcoma.

One is also likely to develop chronic diarrhoea,which when not managed can lead to dehydration and cause acute kidney failure. This can also lead to end stage kidney failure leading to death.

The most common ways of Preventing this Deasese is through: abstainingfrom sexual intercourse, useof condoms, fidelityin marriage and avoiding sharing of sharp objects.