What Part Of Your Body Is Called Your Temple?


Have you heard it said before that your body is a temple? You probably have, well that saying has become a sort of distraction when it comes to answering the question " What part of your body is called your temple?". Usually, it depends on the context of the question and also sometimes the person asking the question to really know what is being demanded. With regards to your "Temple", you should be informed that apart from the temple which is described in the religious sense, there is a part of your body which is called your " temple". It is actually an external part of your body and believe me when I say you are very familiar with it in terms of touch. Let me give you a clue_ what part of your body do you usually touch with your fingers when you intend to fully concentrate on something? Another clue might do, in the movies, where do you normally see them pointing the gun when they intend to shoot someone apart from the forehead? Hope it's all falling in place now, the part of your body that is called your temple is that part of your head that is behind your eyes_ it is said to be the weakest spot of your skull and perhaps the reason why it is preferred to be the spot to shoot someone.

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