How Can A Daylight Robbery Have Just Happen Opposite A Police Station?- Twitter Ghana Reacts.


For sometime that, the issues related to armed robbery has been on the rise across the country, as most of the victims of these cases are robbed for their money and even killed.

Some months ago, it was in the news that the Nima police station was robbed by some armed robbers, who took away the television and computers belonging the police.

This evening, a video has been trending on social media especially on Twitter and according to the report from the person taking the video, two armed robbers using a motorcycle have been able to rob a forex bureau at Osu. And the funny part of this is that the Nima Police station is a few meters away from the place the robbery took place.

Most people commented that they don’t understand how come a forex bureau was robbed right under the nose of the police. And they think the country is insecure, if the police cannot protect the properties of the citizens.

What do you think of the claims of these Ghanaians on Twitter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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