'When I See Aged People Prostrate And Kneel Before Me, I Always Feel Uncomfortable ~ Regent Omotola


The Regent of Lisa land in Akure, the Ondo State capital, Comrade Adegboro Omotolani Adesewa has called for legislations that would ensure stiffer penalties for rapists, child abusers and predators, following the increasing cases of rape across the country, just as the Regent marks one year on the throne.

The regent said all hands must be on deck to nip rape in the bud in society, calling for a synergise with government and relevant non governmental organizations to eradicate rape and child defilement in the country.

Regent Omotolani served as the Vice President of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication Studies, Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, led by Comrade Fidelis David and became the Regent on 26 June 2020.

Adegboro Omotolani was installed as the Regent following the demise of the former Olisa High chief olugbenga Williams Amudipe. The Olisa is a Senior High Chief who belongs to the IARE group of Chiefs in Akure and considered to be the highest ranking Chief and the second to the Deji of Akure land.

Speaking with Accurate Newspaper, on her 365 days on the throne, Regent Omotola said “I want to give God the glory for preserving me to this this day. It’s my one year anniversary. It has not been too easy for me this past one year. It has been a rollercoaster ride for me. Being a Regent like all leadership positions has its challenges.

“It’s not been easy adjusting to the life of not being able to see, Joke and play with my old friends. I really miss my friends and my friends don’t also see me as the person they used to know. They now see me as someone above them. But it’s just some of the sacrifices that has to be made for the throne”.

According to the Regent, “Being a regent has actually kept me on my toes at all times. I move around a lot of times to attend to official duties, palace duties and lot of other duties just to make sure the good indigenes and residence of Okelisa and Akure at large live a good life. Another great challenge which I may not get over because I’ve always been a humble person is when I see older men and women prostrate and kneel before me. I usually feel uncomfortable whenever I see that, it aches my heart at all times and when i am being called “Aba” and given the royal honour and respect. These makes me feel very uncomfortable”.

Omotolani said, “Even with all these challenges I’ve been able to make some impacts which i am proud of. Being a regent, people see me as a role model. I have been able to mentor younger ones, give them the right advises because a lot of them come to me to seek advises and i impact them with knowledge.

“Also, as someone who’s always on the side of justice I always settle dispute without sentiments whenever I am called upon to settle them and I make sure I give everybody fair hearing.

Although my throne is been seen as masculine but the fact is that I am still a female and I’ve used my position to raise my voice against the unfortunate issue of rape rampaging the country today. I also still want to use this opportunity to SAY NO TO RAPE

Long Life And Prosperity our Regent

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