Police captures these drivers on camera: They have 24 hours to report to the police.

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The Ghana Police Service has issued a fantastic message on their official Facebook page, demonstrating that they take road trafficking offenses very seriously. According to a new public notification from them, the MTTD Monitoring and Surveillance Centre has arrested several road traffic violators around the country. Per the post, the Ghana Police Service's Motor Traffic Monitoring and Surveillance Centre captured on video and photo certain vehicle users in the Greater Accra Region breaking the law on the road.

According to the post, drivers with license plates GN 5579-20, MAJESTY 1, GR 7648-15, GR 1460-19, and GN 2939-14 were caught on video driving recklessly. They were apprehended on Spintex Road-Papaye, at the Airport Traffic Light, and at Oponglo Junction, committing traffic violations such as driving dangerously, which could result in an accident. Some were also caught stopping or parking their cars in prohibited areas. Others were also caught in the act of driving recklessly, putting not only themselves but also others on the road in danger.

According to the post, these road traffic offenders were captured on the MTTD Monitoring and Surveillance Centre on November 26th, 2021, between 6:41am and 9:59am. According to the notification, the offenders should go to the Tudu office of the Accra Central Motor Traffic and Transport Department to assist the police in their investigation of the matter. And because Dampare and his hardworking men want to make sure that the law is followed as promptly as possible, they offer these listed offenders 24 hours to complete this reporting.

This clearly shows that the police force is working hard to prevent many of the road accidents that have occurred on our roads, as some of them are caused by irresponsible driving. Also, some drivers drive recklessly simply to get to their destination quickly, oblivious to the dangers they may pose on the road, and we are delighted that the law is catching up with them.

And the MTTD Monitoring and Surveillance Centre has proven to catch all of these offenders, ensuring that our roads are safe for everyone to travel on.

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