The Best Way To Buy And Preserve Onions


Different species of onions

One way or the other, onions have become necessity part of our meal every time. It is no doubt that onions add aroma to food as well as taste to it. Onions can be used in all forms of meal been prepared everytime, ranges from rice(white rice, jollof rice, fried rice, coconut rice, etc), meat, beans,soup, stew, etc. Onions are integral part of these foods.

Jollof rice garnished with onions

It is certain that there is time and season for everything, so there is time for surplus of onions as well as the scarcity of it when just one piece will be sold for #50 or more. During this period of onions surplus, the best thing to do is to buy it in a large quantity and keep for the meantime. It is most preferrably to buy one - quarter of a bag or half of a bag with cheaper price. This is better than buying it in #200, #500 or less. The half of a bag at times might not be more than #5000 which can last for at least five months.

Dry onions

This will definitely assist for a long period of time, it will even safe the stress of going to o market everytime to get it. The mind will definitely be at rest during the time of scarcity of onions.

The fear of getting spoil will definitely not allow some people to get it in large quantity at that right time which will lead to buying less and paying more at the time of scarcity of it, but there are ways in which you can preserve your onions and none of them will spoil till you finish eating everything. 

Suya with onions

We have heard from ages that putting the onions in the sun is the best way to preserve it from decaying. Yes, it is good but not always the best way for me it safe. The season of onion surplus us usually rainy season whereby, the sun might not really come out as expected and there are some places that rain might not stop for days such as Lagos, Ondo etc. For this reason, putting bin the sun is not the best way for the people in those areas.

Bags of onions

The generally acceptable and useful method of preserving onion for everyone is to spread it out on the floor in a cool dry place that there is ventilation and enough air could go in and out. Ditto to that is the application of shaft gotten from yam flour or cassava flour. Just put the onions in a carton and make sure that the carton can contain all and just pour the shaft on it.  Make sure that the shaft touches all the onions. Then, your onions are save from decaying till anytime you feel like using them. And you too are save from buying expensive onion with a lot of money.