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Forget the fact that they are cooking soil, how did they manage to convince the dog to allow them sit on itImagine your woman wishing other guys a happy birthday. Why is she happy they are born??

DNA is very important after graduation. You can't be feeding the wrong parents. Baby go and get my shoe or it's over... reply as a boyfriend Why are you home so early.

My boss told me to go to hell.So grateful my first concert as an artist was a success. The crowd was hyped up and kept cheering on. Even some tried getting up on stage. I just deleted my Instagram account... That app is for those who like bathing. Me I can't oo

I'm going to add grade 13, 14 and 15. Schools will also be attended on Saturday and Sunday

Her: Babe I'm asking for $300 it's urgent

Me: You can cheat on me babe, I won't get mad The relationship between fish and water makes me believe that betrayal is real when I see water participating in cooking the fish.

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