New Heights After Dead Body Of Mysterious Man Was Discovered On Tree Top


A bizarre mood was witnessed outside Thika Land Registry after an inescapable outcome of events involving a mysterious man.

According to sources, a dead body of an unidentified man was discovered hanging on a tree top. The body had been secretly hauled to the tree branches without the consent of locals or security agents.

Road passers-by emerged successful on discovering the deceased after a foul smell coming from his body was purported to have raised the alarm.

The cause of the dead has not yet been established however, we will keep you posted on outcomes of the ill-doomed tree.

The body of the deceased is said to have been decomposing at the moment that it was realized.

An anonymous number of area residents could be seen at the crime scene looking at the dead body of the deceased that had been hauled out of the tree top.

People should get cautious on fishy outcomes to shape the number of increases criminal activities being witnessed around the country.


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