Health: WhatTo do if you have severe diarrhea as an adult


What can cause diarrhea? This terrible ailment can happen at the most inconvenient time: at work, in transport or on the way to the store. Sharp abdominal pains, urge to go to the toilet – all this is not very pleasant and delivers terrible discomfort. You must understand the causes and nature of the occurrence of diarrhea. In addition, it is very important to start treatment on time to eliminate the symptoms.

It is very important to have information about the possible causes of the disease state – diarrhea. Knowing all the factors that led to an upset stomach, you can protect yourself in the future. The main reasons that cause an upset stomach look exactly as described below.

Infections with food and water.

Poor quality products, with expired shelf life and with violation of storage rules. Actually, in the summer, it is the sultry period. In season times, vegetables, fruits and beach time are dominant.

Swimming areas, that have not been tested, may be contaminated with germs and bacteria. Especially if the temperature is above 30 degrees with a plus mark.

E. coli can become a causative agent of the disease. Useful advice: thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits and bathe in checked places.

Traveler’s disease (indigestion).

Often accompanies individuals who travel. Climate change, plus everything that comes with it – new living conditions, and the situation, including food. In cases of visiting a foreign country, we recommend drinking bottled water, purchased.

Disease due to dirty hands.

This reason is more characteristic of young children who are not used to personal hygiene. Often, an adult neglects the rules and arranges a snack on the go, with dirty hands. This can be a provoking factor for indigestion.

The likely consequences of a long indigestion.

The main fear is dehydration.

If measures are not taken in time and diarrhea is not stopped, frequent trips to the toilet with loose stools can lead to dehydration. It is necessary to drink liquid or have special pharmacy solutions on an ongoing basis to maintain fluids in the body.

Symptoms during dehydration: terrible weakness, lowering blood pressure, increased pulse.

Loss of mineral components by the body. As we all know, minerals that are useful for the body come out with the liquid. At the time of dehydration – this fact is further exacerbated.

It is not enough to get trace elements and nutrients from food. This is especially true for kids. During diarrhea, food does not have time to absorb. The protective function of the body is reduced.

Treating diarrhea is quick and effective.

In the modern world, there are a lot of drugs for the treatment of diarrhea. Any pharmacy has, in its arsenal, a couple of or even multiple options.

Antimicrobial treatment options. There are a number of drugs that act to correct the disorder. Basically, the composition of such drugs is rich in prebiotics. The latter are able to fill the microflora with beneficial bacteria. This will help the body quickly cope with the disease.

Prebiotics and probiotics. Preparations, containing bifidobacteria, will fill the intestines with usefulness. Taking drugs in this group significantly improves the condition. And, over time, the medicine normalizes the microflora.

Electrolytes. Similar drugs are sold in pharmacies in powder form. They are diluted in water and taken orally, thereby, replenishing mineral substances and components. And they are also able to make up for fluid loss.

Sorbents. This group of drugs is capable of absorbing bacteria and microbes like a sponge, which caused diarrhea and a concomitant condition.

Symptomatic relievers. This group includes antispasmodics and drugs that reduce intestinal motility. Taking these drugs can reduce the frequency of going to the toilet and reduce the associated pain.