Mikano donates cartons of face mask to Ebonyi schools


The State Commissioner for Education Dr Onyebuchi Chima has commended Mikano International Limited for the donation of face mask to the Ministry of Education to share among Ebonyi School Children.

The Commissioner expressed his feeling about the donation when Mikano Officials played him visit at Ministry of Education Abakakiki.

Dr Onyebuchi Chima thanked Mikano International Limited for being the first to donate face mask to the vulnerable Children in the State, emphasising that apart from Dangote Company and other private individuals who made donation during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Mikano Limited stands to be the first among equals to remember School Children in particular.

He received the face masks numbering forty eight thousand pieces, promising that the Covi-19 protective facility would be utilized as demanded by the Company.

The Administrative Manager of the Company and leader of the delegation, Mrs Jike-wad Ogborun advised People to protect themselves against infectious diseases particularly Covi-19 Pandemic and not to take it for granted.

She handed over the company donation to the State Commissioner for Education Dr Chima, stating that it was part of the Company social responsibility to the People of Nigeria. 

The representative of the Company said the Company is prepared to reach out to all States of the Federation.

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