SARS Brutality Victim Rejects #7.5m Compensation Sum, Says It's Not Enough

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During the sitting of the Lagos State Judicial Panel today Tuesday, there was a mild drama as a Petitioner Ndukwe Ekekwe who was allegedly brutalized and paralyzed by the Police rejected the compensation awarded to him.

The petitioner had told the panel how the officers of the now disbanded SARS operatives came to his shop at Alaba International Market in 2018 and threw him down from a two storey building resulting to a severe damage on his spinal cord.

Doris Okuwobi, the panel chairperson, awarded the sum of N7.5 million to the petitioner on Tuesday during the sitting.

Ndukwe who appeared before the panel on a wheelchair, said he spent more than N30 million to treat himself, which has rendered his shop empty, adding that the compensation awarded to him is not enough.

The petitioner and his mother became angry at the sum awarded and he said “Maybe they think I’m an illiterate. All those investments, I sold all of them. My shop is currently empty. I sold everything. I spent everything to take care of myself in the hospital. What is N7.5 million?”

His aged mother also confirmed that she had sold some of her landed properties in the course of her son's treatment to make sure he was able to get back on his feet.

Both of them angryly walked out of the court room despite their Counsel pleading with them to enter in and collect the cheque of the compensation sum awarded to him.

Presenting the N7.5 million cheque to the petitioner, Okuwobi urged him to accept the compensation awarded him..

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