How To Conduct First Aid To A Person Who Has Been Electroshocked


First lesson is is one of the most important lesson that every one should learn in life. This is because it helps one to relieve pain be he or she is taken to hospital.

Today we are going to learn how we can conduct first aid fore Electrical Shock. Electrical shock is dangerous depending on how high or low the voltage is. Electrical shock may cause burns,or it may end up leaving invisible mark on the skin. It means that when an electrical current passes through the body may cause internal damage and this can be very dangerous.


Please Do not touch a person who is injured if he or she is still in contact with the electric current. You should make sure you remain at least six meters away and call the emergency number.

Actions to take immediately as you are waiting for medical help;

1.You should turn off the source of electricity if possible and if not move the source of electricity away from you and the person by using a any nonconductor object made of dry plastic or wood.

2.The next step you should try to prevent the person injured from becoming chilled.

3.If there are burned areas cover with a sterilized bandage if available and if not use a clean clothe. Do not use towel or blanket because the fibres which are lose my stick to the burns.

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