14 Pictures That Reveal That W.F. Kumuyi Does Not Button His Suit Jacket (Photos)

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The General Superintendent and founder of the Deeper Life Church, William Folorunsho Kumuyi, is a great man of God whose teaching ministry is woven around the doctrine of holiness and sanctification. The popular clergy leads a simple life and tries as best as he can to live out the message he preaches and is associated with. Due to his simplicity and personal walk with God, Kumuyi has been able to gather a large following, and the church - Deeper Life - has become a global church with many branches across the nations of the world.

William Folorunsho Kumuyi

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Deeper Life church is known for its high level of decency and morality among its members, and the culture of conservatism is very strong within its settings, and I believe this culture has been passed down, from Kumuyi down to the members. There is a laid-down pattern of dressing for the ministers also, as they are to lead the flock by example.

Kumuyi has a unique way he dresses, very rarely would one see him wear a native attire, and this is simply because he is always wearing a suit. The man of God knows what works for him and sticks very closely with it. However, Kumuyi wears his suit in a very unique way, he does not button up his suit. Anyone who has noticed the way the man of God wears his suit must agree with the aforementioned statement.

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Just as different ministers of God have their unique messages, so it is with their dressing. Some of them like wearing native attires, while others prefer wearing a suit. Notwithstanding, Kumuyi has opted for a unique dress pattern - that is - wearing his suit without buttoning up.

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