EFF leader Julius Malema DJing Has Caused A Stir On Social Media

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EFF leader Julius Malema is crafting his skills in the music industry, many people who frankly concern after seeing the video of Julius malema DJing on National TV. This is something that we have definitely never expected to see from a leader but it is a good thing and it shows that our leaders are also people who enjoy fun activities, they are outgoing as well but that should not detract the general public from the fact that we have a serious crisis in our Society.

Anyway with Julius Malema you can never really know what to expect, and this is something that we can add on to the list of the crazy things that we have witnessed him do including DJing because it is definitely something unexpected.

On Friday, Tbo Touch's Metro FM radio program, The Touchdown, welcomed Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema as a guest on set. This was definitely something that was not going to be the usual sit-down interview kind of appearance for Julius Malema.

He was surely to be the main attraction as always and this time he brought something completely unexpected, we saw him DJing and this is something that a lot of people in Limpopo are amused about - that their leader is also someone who is very skilled in many respects.

The politician and radio personality co-hosted the afternoon drive show, and they shocked the audience with a DJ mix many people didn't even know that he could really do that although we have seen several videos of him dancing alongside celebrities and also enjoying his time.

He was doing a lot of this mostly recently and it was an introduction into his other side because Julius Malema is someone who is very angry, he is also someone who is really trying to change the way things are going but it is also someone who seems to be interested in his own success because there are many allegations that have been made about him.

Malema is rumoured to be amongst one of Amapiano artists to perform at the Durban July, this will be something to see don't you think?


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