Recent Posts Of One Of The World Richest Men Who Wants To Colonize Mars


[photo|Courtesy|Space X]

Elon Musk is currently among the top richest men in the world ranking. Ranking between number 1 and number three world wide depending on the performance of his multi billion businesses and companies that specialises on high tech vehicles and stocks.

One of the most regocnized companies started by Elon musk is the space X which focuses on production of electric cars which would run on batteries charged by solar power. Here are the recent posts on his Twitter account which shows his burning ambition to see the project succeed.

The Space X has further partnered with The National Space Agency of the USA to create rockets, drones and space equipment for the current exploration of planet Mars, which is Elon Musk most targeted accomplishment.

In his own reasoning, Musk says that he undertook the plans for the exploration of Mars and it's colonization so that incase Earth is destroyed by unfavorable events such being hit by Asteroid, Nuclear war or Pandemic there will exist another home for man.


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