5 most watched videos on YouTube


Baby shark

It's a kids song produced by South Korean company Pinkfong but it's thought to have existed before Pinkfong version.It has over 8.3 billion views making it the most watched video in the world.


It's a song by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee,which it's the second most viewed video.It has over 7 billion views on YouTube.Note that Despasito is the most watched non-kids video.

Shape of you

It's a song by Ed Sheeran,a British superstar born and raised England.The song has over 5.2 billion views making it number three.Some of Ed's hits are Perfect,Afterglow,Beautiful people and many more.

Johnny Johnny yes papa

It's one of the popular kids song sung by the LooLoo kids.The song has over 5.1 billion views.It stands at number four.

See you again

See you again is a song by popular American rapper, Wiz Khalifa featuring American singer Charlie Puth.It's the soundtrack song for the blockbuster series for Fast and Furious 7.It has over 5 billion views making it fifth.

Other most viewed videos are masha and the bear, uptown funk,Gangmam style and more.

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