Don't use your unpaid salary as an excuse to destroy the league we have fought for all this while


Unanimously there has been a number of cases that happened here in our football arena over some time now.

The mantra needs to end with a lot of hopes from the to end with the bad thought of some referees using their unpaid salaries as an excuse to destroy the league for all this while. A typical example has got to do with, Fans of home side Mighty Royals was angry the referees in the game against Tano Bofoakwa over allegations of poor officiating. They all gather for the main gate of the football park, later they all storm the pitch. Police intervene in the matter before the beatings stop, but by then the referee and two linesmen sustain various injuries.

Referee Faizatu Jakpa was attacked and beaten up by a player of the Fabulous Ladies in the Ghana women’s league match between Fabulous Ladies and Kumasi Sports Academy. The ban on the referees is not enough their badges and licence needs to be taking away from them. This will put them in their right state of mind because things are getting out hand due to the misconduct of our officials.

This is certainly not football, as a matter of urgency we expect the football association to quickly apply the necessary sanctions on this inhumane act by the footballer. Unable to maintain their patience after seeing their team lose 0-2 eventually, local fans pounced on the centre referee and his equally helpless assistant to dish out a beating for their supposedly poor officiating.

Such behavior happens everywhere but the most important thing has shown that, it is worst in the Ghanaian Premier League with a lot of expectation from most improves teams to make it to the top at their own dispensation. Many shameless football fans in Ghana have acted in similar fashion at other match centers and the death of Andoh provides confirmation that crowd violence has not left the shores of Ghanaian football even after the numerous calls against such mindless acts, especially in the aftermath of May 9, 2001.


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