Things That A Girl Says When She Starts Developing Feelings For You.


Agreeably, sometimes it's hard to convince a woman to fall in love with you, which other times it just happens automatically and she gets interested in you. Love is a strange thing which has a hidden attraction beyond our understanding.

Some people just get attracted to someone for no reason. Actually you can't force love because that's finding affection where it doesn't exist. So I always encourage my people to shoot their shot, if it doesn't work then let it go. 

True love comes in it's own pace and time, so it's all about being patient and hopeful that you'll find your soulmate. You may have all the qualities but still get rejected by the girl whom you approach. This doesn't mean you give up, but it's a signal she's not meant for you. 

A girl may fall for you without even saying a word or approaching her. This is what we call true love as it exists naturally. The girl finds it hard to confess that she's interested in you, so her expressions work better to send the message of love. 

To avoid losing chances, I want to share with you some of the things a girl says when she's having feelings for you. 

1. Her updates. 

Incase you're far from each other, she sends an update message about her whereabouts, just to notify you if something bad happens. She lets you know about her daily schedules without you asking for it.

It's a way of showing that she's honest, transparent and not flirting with other guys behind your back. Moreover, it gives you a chance to know when she's free, so as to prepare for dates and some intimate moments. 

2. Her age.

As usual ladies don't reveal their age to everyone. It's rare for her to say it but if she's interested then she goes straight to the point and opens up.

In some cases, when a woman isn't into your proposals, she fakes her age because she doesn't want to look too old or young. The fear of being intimidated or mocked because of age also makes them hide it. 

3. Family. 

No one likes disclosing family issues to people unless there's a strong connection. That's why someone will just tell you about her name then that's all.

However, when attachment starts developing, she decides to introduce you to her parents and siblings. This means she wants you to become a family, help in solving issues and maintaining a positive relationship with her relatives. Once you meet the family, then the connection created is strong enough to keep you together. 

These three tips are the best signals to keep a sharp eye on. Also, it's important to exercise equality so love her more if you want to have her in your arms forever. Hope this article is helpful so don't forget to like, comment and share.