"My Husband Pulled Out My Hair To Destroy My Beauty And Took My MultiMillion Business" - Cate

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Cate, a successful businesswoman who had to put in a lot of hard work to become successful and establish companies, has told the story of what she went through in the name of marriage and how she lost everything she worked for to her evil husband. Cate was a hard worker who put in a lot of effort to become successful in business and establish companies. 

When she made the decision to launch a business, she was on a vacation. In addition to purchasing vehicles, she elevated her husband and her sister to decision-making roles in the company. After she gave birth, her husband developed a new personality and began having sexual relationships with other women. 

Cate invested in the company by purchasing 15 vans. She claims that her husband started to feel intense jealousy toward her, and as a result, he began to accuse her of having affairs with other men in order to explain why she was generating so much money. He was successful in acquiring the company. 

After being confronted by Cate, he thrashed her and then sold the business vans they shared. It was then that he began to steal her money and prevent her from driving on her own. When Cate went to the police, he bribed the officers and hired thugs who constantly threatened to kill Cate. He also hired the thugs to threaten the police. 

Cate attempted to seek justice in a court of law; however, her husband bought the judge and her counsel, and he also threatened to kill Cate. She contacted the authorities. He corrupted the police officers. They advised her to go to her spouse and try to make peace with him. 

When Cate went to confront her husband about the way he was treating her, he grabbed her hair and began yanking on her scalp, causing her head to bleed profusely. She was admitted to the hospital. After she had completed her recovery, she ended her marriage to him. He bought her business, then changed the ownership and sold all of her vans after he had her fired. 

She returned to the police station in an attempt to follow up on the matter, but it was too late—the officers had already been bribed. It was explained to her that there was no case. Her husband took over her multimillion-dollar company and made her a pauper as a result. Because of this, not only is she starting over, but she's also out of money.


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