Things You Need To Know About Labour Pain And After Things You Need To Know About Labour Pain And After Child Delivery (Photos)


Labour is a process by which the baby is prepared to come into the World. After labour come delivery.

Though it is always painful, almost 99% of women want to experience it. Labour pain is not just like other pain. It a pain that brings joy and harmony to families and societies at large.

Labour pain can vanished immediately an expentant mother sets her eyes her baby. That why some people refer to it as "Sweet Pain".

The length of labour varies. The average length of labour for the birth of a first child is approximately 16 hours. Although sometimes it can be longer or shorter depending on the expectant mother.

Labour comes in three different ways. They are include, Contractions, "The Show", and Rupture Of The Water bag.

Contraction is a strong and often painful and shortening of uterine muscles prior to or during childbirth. The interval of the Contractions become shorter as the labour progresses. The important thing you need to know about true labour is the regularity of it.

"The Show" is the labour that is usually accompanied by a discharge of mucus and blood from the the cervix.Remember any bleeding other than "the show" could be as result of complications.

Rupture of the waterbag is the last type of labour pain. Sometimes labour can start with the breaking of the waterbag which surrounds the unborn baby. This is followed by a dripping of water from the mother's vagina.

WARNING: if one is away from home as an expecting mother and have this gushing of water out of the vagina, The person should go straight to the hospital.

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