The Arrest Of Some EndSARS Protesters: An Effort By The Nigerian Police To Maintain Order And Peace

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The ongoing "EndSARS" memorial protests have caused a lot of tension and issues within the country.

It's important to recall that the federal government and security groups in Nigeria warned some youths and popular celebrities to cancel the planned EndSARS memorial protests across some states in Nigeria because of some security reasons.

However, despite the warning given by the federal government and Nigerian police, some people embarked on the EndSARS memorial protests at Lekki Tollgate and other places in Nigeria.

Also, some reports released by "Punch Newspapers" disclosed that some of the EndSARS protesters and journalists were allegedly arrested by the Nigerian police. These alleged arrests made by the police caused a lot of mixed reactions from Nigerians.

(Photo Credit: Punch Newspapers).

Nevertheless, I believe that the arrest of some EndSARS protesters is an effort by the Nigerian police to maintain order and peace in various states in Nigeria. This is because during the EndSARS protest in 2020, some hoodlums used the opportunity to destroy different properties in Nigeria.

(Photo Credit: Information Site).

So, the Nigerian police will not allow similar incident to happen during this ENDSARS memorial protests and that may be the reason they are arresting some violent protesters.

Also, considering the level of insecurity in Nigeria, bandits and other criminals may use this opportunity of EndSARS memorial protests to carry out their attacks within the country.

(Photo Credit: Daily Post).

Therefore, I will advise youths that are protesting to allow the federal government led by President Buhari to address all the issues and problems that happened during the EndSARS protest in 2020.

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