Nasty Accident At Mbagathi/Isinya Junction Involving A Nduthi And A Lorry [Video]


There was a nasty accident involving a motorcycle and a tipper at Mbagathi/Isinya junction where a motorcycle which was carrying a passenger had a head on collision with the lorry.

From the CCTV video doing rounds social media, a speeding motorcycle is seen overtaking another motorcycle and accelerating further to overtake a lorry infront oblivious of the oncoming tipper.

Upon realizing that he could not go ahead of the lorry he was overtaking, the rider decided to hit the break peddle and the motorcycle made an sudden stop but the lorry infront didn't make a sudden stop hence hitting the motorcycle throwing the passenger off the motorcycle while the rider while stuck on the motorcycle moved with the tipper until it made a stop.

This made a car that was following the motorcycle to skid off the road on the sides making pedestrians to scamper for their safety.

The passenger who was thrown off the motorcycle did not make a move meaning that they might havre been unconscious or dead.

Click on the link below to watch the video.


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