"Smart Couple" Bahati Posts a Photo of Him With His Bae in Kisii Ready For a Live Performance

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Monday 29th nov was the day diana bahati produced her first hit as she joined music industry and she is the latest rapper in the country.So far she has produced two songs that are hitting well on social media.It is through support of her husband,bahati,that she is where she is know.

Days after this,Diana bahati started securing some live shows and today the couple were perfoming live in bahati constituency in nakuru county.Also tonight bahati and his wife will be perfoming live in kisii nexus bistro in kisii county.

Through his facebook page,bahati shares to his fans the photo of him with his wife ready for live perfomance in kisii.The two are dressed well and both of them look gorgeous and outstanding.He also hinted that tomorrow they will perfoming live in kisumu.The couple is know identified as the bahatis.

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