Refresh your memory by learning these 20 flags representing various countries across the globe


Many people find it very difficult to identify the flags of different countries not only within their continent but across the globe as well. A lot of people cannot give a correct answer when shown the flag representing a particular country. To begin with, the planet Earth comprises seven continents with over two hundred independent sovereign nations, and each of these nations is represented by a flag. As learned and intellectual beings, knowing each flag that represent a particular country is very important as you may find yourself in an international forum someday and may beat very embarrassing if you have no knowledge on this.

Hence in this article i have compiled flags of countries in different continent and the countries they represent to refresh our memories.

1. Morroco

Capital- Rabat Continent-Africa

2. Mexico

Capital-Mexico City Continent-North America


Capital- Port Louis Continent- Africa


Capital- Bamako Continent- Africa


Capital -Luxembourg, continent- Europe


Capital- Antananarivo Continent- Africa


Kenyans are known for there high level of endurance when it comes to Marathon and long distance races. The country is in East African with it's capital called Nairobi


Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, located in the European continent

10. Iraq

Capital- Baghdad, continent- Asia

11 India

This country is the second most populous in the world, after China. It is located in the Asian continent and the capital of India is

12. Greece

Capital of Greece. Is Anthens which is found in the European continent

13. Ghana

Ghana is located in West Africa, its capital is Accra.

14. Germany

Its Capital is Berlin in Europe

15. France

The capital of France is Paris and it is within the European continent is

16. Ethiopia

The East African country's capital is Addis-ababa. It's within the African continent


Denmark is also located in Europe and it's capital is Copenhagen to


The Country is headed by a beautiful female president. Its Capital is Zagreb and it is in European continent

19. Canada

The capital of Canada is Ottawa and it is located in the North American continent.

20. China

China is the most populous Country in the World and it is located in the Asia continent and it's capital is Beijin