I dress like a married woman and that makes people respect me. I wish I was married - Eriata Ese

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The current fashion trends of clothing may be morally unacceptable as many young women prefer to wear loose-fitting clothes; women who dress properly will receive more respect from men. Instablog9ja, defense attorney, objected.

Eriata Ese said that she disguised herself as a married woman and it made people very angry with her because she felt like the wife of a rich woman. In accordance

Eriata Ese, she wants to get married because she has more respect for married women. He also said he would withdraw his testimony if he ever said that marriage was not an achievement. According to him, he likes to cover his body.

This has resulted in a lot of repetition on the internet, and here are some of them:

Many would argue that this statement emphasized by Eriah suggests that women should be more interested in dressing well, as certain options are only open to those who appear to be in charge.

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