The Dream of Africa Is on This Two Men


Have you ever imagined how africa could become one and be united like the united states of America? You probably wish that moment could come over in your lifetime and be able to witness how the black continent could coordinate herself for the better part of its future and the latter generation to live in a well stable economic nation. Now I would like to tell you that the redeemers of africa are already with us and that we will no longer be struggling to fight our own poverty as they have brighter plans for our continent.

The horn of africa has been blessed with one of them and the other with the similar trait has germinated from the southern africa. This is not a parable that I want to have your brain strain to uncover but the men am talking about are PLO Lumumba and his counterpart from south africa Julius sello malema. I probably know that you might have come across this gentleman who really fight and have strategic plan on how africa is going to be independent and be able to provide for herself and forever shed the pauper life it is living now.

PlO lumumba has been preaching all over the continent on how corruption from our own leaders has crippled the economy of the giant continent. He has proved himself as a lawyer that for africa to remain the sole provider for its children, then the leaders whose power of the individual countries are in their hands have to cease robbing from their own. This really is the starting point on the achieving the ultimate United states of Africa.

The saviour from the south, Julius sello malema has been also fighting hard that the white monopoly in South africa has to evacuate for the real owners of the land to enjoy their own soil in stead of eating the leftovers from the white man's table. This is really has shown how the eyes of the africans have been opened to realise that this is really our land and we have the responsibility to protect it as our ancestors did. Thank you

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