Nelson Havi Reveals Work He Has Been Doing In Westlands Constituency In Various Sectors Recently

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Nelson Havi who is among the aspirant for member of Parliament in Westland constituency today tweeted on his twitter page that In Westlands we are painting and launching old classrooms, building walls around police stations and furnishing schools which do not require CDF help. Neglected are serious infrastructural concerns: roads; pavements; bus parks; markets; water; sewerage and street lighting.

Nick tweeted, "You don't have to discredit the work of your incumbent using propaganda to sell your agenda, anyway, your fate is sealed. This can only delay your departure time from 6am when voting starts to 9am 😂😂."

Sitip tweeted, "This is exactly what your Master (DP) used to do-moving around the country launching non budgeted projects like roads,MTC,TTIs,dams which have never taken off today."

Saddy tweeted, "Do the charity, it's very vital for community development. @HonTimWanyonyi will however continue doing great works for Westlands constituents."

Orondo tweeted, "Don't do this only to woo voters. Will you have the same zeal and zest to do that when you get into office? I wish you the best in your persuit."

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