"I Can't Afford Milk For My Babies" Sri Lankan Mother Says As The Country Faces Fuel & Food Shortage

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Few months ago, Sri Lanka announced the collapse of her economy, a situation that saw the country fail to cater for her population. According to the reports from Aljazeera and CNN, it has established that the depleted foreign reserves and evergrowing inflation in the countryhave devastated Sri Lanka's economy in recent months.

Sri Lanka's President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, have been put on spot after he pushed tax cuts laws that shrunk the state's coffers and borrowed heavily from China to fund ambitious infrastructural projects . Basing on the current crisis that is facing Sri Lanka, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, has been blamed for the crisis. The Covid 19 pandemic, which hit tourism, and the Russia-Ukraine war, are among factors that have sent oil prices rocketing, making the situation even worse.

And as we speak, Sri Lanka is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis, the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) has told the BBC. The UNICEF have found that 70% of Sri Lanka's families have reduced their daily food since the commencement of this year, and the report shows that the fuel and medicine stocks are running out very fast.

Group of families, including mothers with their babies have qeued up with plates to get a serving of what will likely be their only meal for the day. The number of people queuing up for food has grown from 50 to well over 250 a day according to the reports. And food prices in Sri Lanka have gone up by 80% in June alone.

Unicef has appealed for urgent financial aid to treat thousands of children with acute malnutrition, and to support a million others with primary healthcare.

The data from UNICEF have found that Acute malnutrition rates could rise from 13% to 20%, and projected number of severely malnourished children mounting to 35,000, that's according to President of the Sri Lanka Medical Nutrition Association, Dr Renuka Jayatissa.


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