Enough is Enough; Edgar Obare Exposes Jamal's Dark Side as Shared by His First Wife Amira


Fresh details have emerged about the relationship between Jamal and his two wives Amira and Amber Ray. This is after a popular blogger by the name Edgar Obare has decided to expose the dark side of Jamal. He has been holding this information from December. Amira opened up to him in search of help. Time has come and he finally decided that enough is enough.

He went to his social media accounts and shared screenshots of the deep conversation he had with this first wife. It is clear that Jamal leaves a fake live from the explanation. He survived on loans to please the public while his wife was suffering. She was threatened to remain silent lest she would be killed. He said that he would shoot her if she meddled in his relationship with Amber Ray. He would beat her up and force her to keep on talking to her co-wife to be. She was forced to take meat to her every time he slaughtered.

Below is part of the communication screenshots between Obare and Amira

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