I Gave Birth To 12 Children, 8 of Them Are Dead And The Remaining Four Are Disabled- Woman Narrates

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There are people who are born normal but become disabled due to various problems. This is the case with children suffering from spinal diseases.

According to Afrimax, these children were born normal, but currently they are suffering from diseases that attack them in various ways. Afrimax concluded that all children grew up before they fell ill and have been suffering from spinal disease ever since.

In an interview with the mother, she revealed that she and her husband married a few years ago and had twelve children, unfortunately eight children died and four children remained. Not long after, two children fell ill with spinal disease, she tried to find a solution, but the condition could not be cured.

Today, all children are infected with this disease and have no choice but to live with it. She also revealed that her husband was sentenced to life in prison and is currently in prison, so she is the only one taking care of the children.

When the eldest son named Charles was interviewed, he revealed that the case was different because he married a beautiful woman and they were happily married before contracting the disease. His wife, who had given birth to a son at that time, left him and their child, so he returned to his mother's house and lived with her ever since.

He also revealed that his son was born normal but also contracted the disease a few years later. Charles revealed that it was very difficult for him to take care of his family because he could not work hard because of his condition, so it was his mother who tried very hard to take care of the family.

The mother confessed that she was the only one in the family who was not disabled and had done everything to cure her children, but their condition did not improve.

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