The R22 Million Flag Has Been Place On Hold After Receiving Critisim From The Public

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South Africans have shown that no matter what, they will fight for their country. So many things going on in this country, especially what the ANC government is trying to do, need to be looked at in a different way. It seems like they are trying to bring this country to its knees on purpose, and they thought no one would notice. People can't just be taken for a ride like they could in 1994.

Since it was announced, everyone has been talking about the R22 million flag, and South Africans have made it clear that they are not interested in something like that. We saw how the minister tried to convince the people that they need a flag that lights up at night, even though many South Africans are struggling to make ends meet.

But it looks like the project won't happen the way it was supposed to. The public's criticism of the whole project, which hadn't even started yet, was too much for the minister of arts and culture, Nathi Mthethwa, to handle.

Since then, Minister of Sport, Arts, and Culture Nathi Mthethwa has "ordered his department to review the entire process for the monumental flag," according to a statement from the department.

We know that the EFF has been very vocal about this 22 million flag, and they told the minister to take the R22 million and put it to good use. This has shown that the department does have money, but they don't know how to spend it. There are much better projects they could come up with to help our artists, but all they could think of was bringing back the steel industry.


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