Former Machachari Actress Mama Stella In Full Blown Vitiligo

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Former Machachari actor Mama Stella shared a very inspiring story of what happened to her life after Machachari acting ended. She fell into depression after she fell ill of a disease called vitiligo. It is one of the most feared disease that grows in a person with time.

Vitiligo is a skin disease where one looses their skin melanin with time. When it is discovered much earlier, the disease does not spread so much on your skin but if not it usually goes upto full blown and that is what happened to Mama Stella. 

From the story she shared during an interview, she faced a very hard time growing up as her body had patches that people thought she had burnt. At some point she even used not to allow people see her body as other children. Her parents had not idea of what they could do to prevent the spread of the disease and it continued growing.

It came to a stop when she was above 18 years and that really made her happy only to realize it will come back years later. It started some years back and she was so stressed about it but never told anyone. She was so depressed that she never even want to get out of the house. It is some days back when she decided to come out and share her story and inspire People that vitiligo is not a death sentence and people do survive from it. She promised to campaign for people of her kind.

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