Meet The Venezuelan Screen Goddess, Scarlet Ortiz.


Born as Hevis Scarlet Ortiz Pacheco who is popularly known in Venezuela Showbiz as Scarlet Ortiz.

She was born on the 12th of March, 1974 in Caracas, Venezuela.

Scarlet Ortiz was Miss Venezuela in 1992 and she started her acting career fully in 1995 to present.

She is one of the renowned screen goddess in Venezuela and across the globe.

Many people really admire her because of her genius acting skills. In fact when it comes to telenovelas, she's such a delight to watch..

She has starred in many movies including: Santiago Apostol, The Secret, and Inocente Palomita and many more..

Scarlet Ortiz has starred in so many telenovelas as well from 1995 till now. She became a household topic because of her roles in telenovelas which she is still reigning as people's favorite actress and a celebrity nationwide.

Below are some of the telenovelas she has starred in: Luisa Fernanda in 1999, My 3 Sisters in 2000, Secreto de amor in 2001-2002, Alma Indomable (The Untamed Soul) in 2009- 2010 and Rafaela in 2011 etc.

In fact I personally saw her on the screens in 2001 in this telenovela Secreto de amor which captured my whole being and since then I have followed her to now.

Scarlet Ortiz is not only a genius actress but she's also very very beautiful. That's even an under statement in fact she's a bunch of beauty.

Check out her cuteness for yourself...

Scarlet Ortiz is married to Yul Burkle who is also a Venezuelan actor and a model in 1999.

They are married for 19 good years and they are blessed with one strong and amazing daughter, Barbara Brianna Burkle in 2010.

Scarlet Ortiz celebrated her 47th birthday just recently.


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