VIDEO|| A VW With 22 Bullet Holes Left Many People Scared

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In recent years, the taxi industry has been regarded as one of the most dangerous in Mzanzi.Taxi owners kill each other, mostly in Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal. They always fight for a route. All across the country, people are scared to join this business because there are allegations that those who are already in the business always eliminate the new members because they don’t want a competitor.

A few months ago, people were shocked by the death of a well-known Venda taxi owner, who was found dead with 24 bullets on his body. According to the investigation, it was said that he was killed by a fellow taxi owner because his taxis were dominating all over Venda. If you check, most taxi owners are also gang leaders. It is very rare to find a taxi owner who is clean and legal.



There is a trending video of a VW car with 22 bullet holes. According to the suspicions, it was a taxi gang shootout because there are always fights in the area. This incident took place at South Coast Marburg today. Residents were very shocked by the number of bullet holes in the car. It is evident that the shooter’s intentions were to kill. Watch the video below:


This video shocked many people. Those who are from Marburg said that there is always a taxi shooting every week because the taxi owners around that place don’t get along. After this video was posted, many people attested that the taxi business is very dangerous, especially in Gauteng province. See some of the comments below:




The reason why the taxi business is dangerous is that there are people who are stingy. They act like they own the route and eliminate those who threaten their peace. Even our police department is failing. They know the taxi bosses very well, but they don’t arrest them.

What should be done to stop the killings in the taxi business? Please leave your opinion below.


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