Just As Nana Failed To Provide 88 Hospitals, Rebecca Won't Also Refund As Promised- Efo Worlanyo


The Bono Regional youth organizer for the largest opposition political party, National Democratic Congress (NDC), Efo Worlanyo Tsekpe has said that the president, his excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo and his wife madam Rebecca Akufo-Addo are the same.

He said that madam Rebecca Akufo-Addo's decision to turn down the offer to be paid allowance and also refund all the allowance ever paid to her is just a political gimmick, the money will never come.

He argued that if indeed Rebecca Akufo-Addo claim to have refunded the money, she should come out and show Ghanians the pay in slip. According to him, his husband promised Ghanaians 88 Hospitals before the year 2020 ends but we are more than half way of 2021 and not even a single CHPS compound is built for Ghanaians.

Drawing parallels, Efo Worlanyo said that Rebecca Akufo-Addo think Ghanaians can be easily manipulated by promising to refund the money. According him, just as Akufo Addo failed to provide the 88 hospitals, Rebecca Akufo-Addo will will not also pay the money back.

"Has beautiful Rebecca brought the pay in slip?

She think we are kids. Even her husband promised 88 hospitals to be built before 2020 we no see top not to talk about promise to refund of money she has finished spending." He said.

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