"I Stabbed My Husband Because He Nearly Killed Our Sick Daughter When He Got Drunk"- 20-Year-old Wife says

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Recently, the Punch Newspaper granted a twenty (20) year-old mother (Caroline Barka) of one from the northern part of Nigeria an interview. The interview was strictly to hear her side of the story on how her husband died after being stabbed during an altercation.

The 20 year-old wife said, "I stabbed my husband because he nearly killed our sick daughter when he got drunk." She added, "on the day of the incident, when he returned from work, he refused to eat. So I told him that the grain I used for the meal was not from my wages but from what his family members gifted us. He then ate and after eating, he went out at that night to drink alcohol. When he returned drunk, he fell on our sick baby."

Caroline Barka continued, "I insulted him after falling on our sick daughter and he got angry. He told me to stop insulting him but I did not. So, he reached out to the knife he uses for night vigilance and started cutting me. In defense, I stabbed him back and he died on the way when being rushed to the hospital."

Furthermore, Caroline Barka explained how she had treated the sick baby with her wages with just a thousand naira support from the father. She again added that her deceased husband always say she would have been divorced if not for his aunt's plea.

Lastly, the young mother of one said she regrets her actions and wished she had obeyed her parents. This is because they told her to leave the abusive union long ago but she vehemently refused with the thought that life would not treat her well as a divorced lady.

Credit: The Punch Newspapers.

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